Software Escrow Services

Trusted Information Services is an established company that has provided independent neutral escrow services since 1996 to companies in South Africa and surrounding countries. As an experienced escrow agent, we have a strong understanding of the escrow service required by clients, with our client base including companies across multiple business sectors in Southern Africa.

Our services, knowledge, experience and ability to meet client specific needs in an independent manner over the past 18 years provides clients with the opportunity to mitigate operational risk with an Escrow Service Provider of long standing with a passion for providing superior service to clients in software escrow, IP escrow and software verification escrow.

Many companies rely on third party supplied software applications to run their day to day operations. With this comes an element of operational risk as there is a dependency on third parties being able to support and maintain your business critical software applications on a continuing basis. Using software escrow with an independent escrow agent is a prudent risk management practice that is a simple and effective arrangement specifically designed to minimise risk and protect the interests of all parties involved.

Software Escrow

Intellectual Property Escrow

Software Verification Escrow

Reduce Operational Risk. Let us manage your software escrow lodgement in accordance with contractual terms between vendor and licensee to safeguard the continuity of your daily business operations.

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Safeguard your Intellectual Property. Let us retain, administer and (when required) control access to your proprietary material.

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Add another layer of risk management by letting our escrow company run advanced verification on the deposited source code to ensure your data in Escrow is complete.

Learn more about our Software Verification Escrow process.

Escrow Services Stakeholders

Software Licensees
Software Vendors
Business Continuity Auditors
Information Security Advisors
Legal Advisors
Audit and Accounting Firms
Companies with Intellectual Property

Contracts and Services

Our escrow company has industry standard contracts in place for all our services. Our service offering includes‘off the shelf’ standardised escrow services (with a standard contract) which is the preferred service for the majority of our client base as it covers the escrow services and terms required by all parties, is easy to implement and is cost effective.

We also have the flexibility to provide customised escrow services to clients needing non standard contractual arrangements where required.

If you would like to know more information about the different contract types and services provided, please contact us!

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